July 2012 - Month 18 Update

A major decision has been taken on a subset of core ontologies and standards to adopt. In addition the BioAssay Ontology community has been engaged to evolve their ontology towards meeting EU-OPENSCREEN requirements.


- Definition of common representational and data transfer standards, mapping and understanding of regulatory issues.

- Research about and creation of open standards for efficient transfer of materials and operating procedures.

- Good Practices (GxP) relevant for the operation of EU-OPENSCREEN.

- Design and publish White Paper with recommendations of open data and minimum information standards to be adopted by the EU-OPENSCREEN infrastructure.


D2.1 Definition of relevant data types to characterise chemical entities, assays and work procedures October 2011 Public [click here]
D2.2 Draft EU-OPENSCREEN Standardization Report November 2011 Public [click here]
D2.3 Final EU-OPENSCREEN Standardization Report November 2012 Public [click here]
D2.4 White Paper on open data and MI standards to be adopted by ECBD October 2013 Public [click here]