The most extensive European high-performance screening network

EU-OPENSCREEN integrates high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe. These platforms use several specially selected EU-OPENSCREEN compound collections, which are centrally stored and managed at the EU-OPENSCREEN laboratory facility on the Research-Campus Berlin-Buch (Germany).

All compound structures and primary screening data will be published in the open-access European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD), where they are made available to a wide scientific audience.

EU-OPENSCREEN collaboratively develops novel molecular tool compounds and early therapeutic candidate molecules together with external users from various disciplines of the life sciences. Access to the EU-OPENSCREEN resources is open to researchers from academia and industry from countries inside and outside of the European Union.


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Are you interested to to identify novel biologically active compounds for crop protection from pests or as physiological agents to promote crop productivity in changing environments or for veterinary…

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Our Spanish medicinal chemistry partner site CSIC has published a paper on the importance of chemical libraries for drug discovery. The paper analyses the Medicinal and Biological Chemistry (MBC) and…

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