For academic researchers and companies aiming to utilise chemical biology tools to advance basic research or early drug discovery projects, EU-OPENSCREEN is a not-for-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) dedicated to supporting your research at every stage.

Our network includes 30 partner sites, featuring facilities for compound screening, medicinal chemistry, and chemoproteomics, and spans leading research institutions across eight European countries. By accessing our compound collections, you can leverage advanced technologies and expert guidance to develop tool compounds and high-quality leads. Our European Chemical Biology Database offers new insights into your targets or disease-relevant pathways.

Securing project funding can be challenging, but through the EU-OPENSCREEN network, we provide support for your grant proposals, risk-sharing models, or public-private collaborations. Our network has secured millions of Euros in research funding over the past decade.

Join the EU-OPENSCREEN community to explore our resources, collaborate with top experts, and make new discoveries together. Welcome to EU-OPENSCREEN, your collaborative research partner in chemical biology and early drug discovery. 



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Webinars and training events

The provision of highly qualified training is one of EU-OPENSCREEN´s core activities. Examples of relevant training topics are assay development, assay technologies, compound management, instrumentation and automation.

We are providing training packages dedicated to Master and PhD students, postdoctoral scientists and independent principal investigators.

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Our services



We offer biologists the chance to screen their assays against our high-quality compound collections and identify promising hit compounds.
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Our bioactivity data covering 4M data points are collected in an open access database. This resource is extremely helpful for ML applications.
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Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemistry sites will optimise molecules towards probes and leads.
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Project funding

While we don't provide direct funding for projects, we provide our expert input into grant proposals and business plans.
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Compound sharing initiative

We invite chemists to submit their compounds to our screening collection to discover novel bioactivities.
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Contact our team for individual advice and more detailed information.
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News and basic facts on EU-OPENSCREEN

News from our network

We recently participated in the 48th FEBS Congress in Milan, Italy, alongside our partner Life -Science Research Infrastructures Instruct-ERIC, Euro-BioImaging, and INFRAFRONTIER.In, In a special…

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We proudly announce the start of our new project "IMPULSE". EU-OPENSCREEN has secured funding from the European Union for the IMPULSE project (Grant Agreement No. 101132028), short for IMProving User…

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Basic Facts and Partner Sites

Learn more about our network and the distributed facilities around Europe

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Get an overview of our screening and compound workflow and your opportunities to join!

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User stories

More than 80 user projects were successfully launched within our infrastructure!

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