European Academic Compound Library (EACL)

Chemists are invited to submit natural and synthetic compounds to the EU-OPENSCREEN compound collection to build up the European Academic Compound Library (EACL). In this model, any chemist in the world can provide compounds which are then integrated into the EU-OPENSCREEN compound collection. This initiative is designed to help in the identification of biological activities for the generation of tool compounds and novel leads for drug development, and to facilitate new collaboration opportunities. The objective of EU-OPENSCREEN is to collect up to 40,000 compounds which might not always be ‘drug-like’ in the classical sense but often represent innovative chemistry.

The CCMF team implemented a dedicated website to support the academic compound submission process. Chemists can either draw structures of their compounds in that platform or can directly submit SD files for batch submission which are then reviewed by the team. The drawing of the molecules directly translates into the molecular weight of the compound which in turn determines the amount of powder which has to be added to the vial by the chemist prior to shipment.

Once the compounds are received at the CCMF in Berlin, the powder will be dissolved in an automated process to a 10mM concentration in DMSO, and two tubes per compound will then be stored in the Verso tube store as described above. In 2020, the team has already been in contact with several chemistry labs in Europe. Their valuable feedback was used to implement a standard Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) that was validated by several technological transfer offices from European universities and research institutes.

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