“Communication Toolkit for European Research Infrastructures” now available online

The “Communication Toolkit for European Research Infrastructures” provides an easy and useful set of tools, guidelines and resources to improve the communication strategy and activities of research infrastructures.

EU-OPENSCREEN is proud to be part of the exciting Horizon 2020 RI-VIS project to increase the visibility of European Research Infrastructures (RIs).


Led by our colleagues from Centro de Ciências do Mar (CCMAR) and the European Marine Biological Research Centre (EMBRC) under the EU-funded project RI-VIS, the development of this toolkit included 31 communication experts representing 17 research infrastructures to ensure that it provides solutions adapted to the specific needs and capacity of European research infrastructures.

The toolkit challenges both managers and communication experts to rethink how they communicate their organizations. It is a first step to harmonize communications, yet its true success depends on its common use by research infrastructures across Europe. Check out the toolkit and contribute to this collective communication effort.

 The toolkit is available here: