Compound management team is preparing bioactive library

The EU-OPENSCREEN compound management team is back in the lab to prepare the bioactive library. The bioactive compounds are needed for COVID-19 research at our screening partner sites.

Edgar Specker and  Martin Neuenschwander from the EU-OPENSCREEN compound management team went back to our lab in Buch this week in order to prepare the bioactive library, which will be sent out in 384-well microtiter plates to our screening partner sites.

EU-OPENSCREEN has recently purchased this unique library, which was designed by Ctibor Skuta/ Petr Bartunek from our partner site IMG in Prague. A strong emphasis was put on the selection of molecules with high target selectivity. The bioactive compounds were selected from compounds contained in the Probes & Drugs portal (, an up-to-date public resource for high-quality chemical tools. The 2464 compounds are active against 1039 different targets, contain 654 approved drugs and 368 highly selective probes. The bioactive library covers almost 2,000 protein targets, containing several hundred compounds labeled as chemical probes and approved drugs.

The bioactive library is available free of charge for any screening projects conducted at our EU-OPENSCREEN screening partner sites. Please contact us here to find out how we can collaborate. More information on our bioactive library can be found here.