Empowering Life Science Research: Our participation in the 48th FEBS Congress in Milan

We recently participated in the 48th FEBS Congress in Milan, Italy, alongside our partner Life -Science Research Infrastructures Instruct-ERIC, Euro-BioImaging, and INFRAFRONTIER.In, In a special session we showcased the unique opportunities available through research infrastructures for the life science community in Europe, and beyond. Our research infrastructures provide access to advanced technologies and services, enabling scientists to push the boundaries of their research without the need for costly equipment in their lab.

Our goal is to support scientists by removing barriers to essential technology and expertise. As not-for-profit organisations funded by public sources, we ensure that our services are accessible and sustainable. With facilities across Europe, scientists can leverage our resources and expertise, often remotely, saving time and travel.

During our special session at FEBS 2024, we discussed how to access funding, join as an ERIC member, and benefit from training and internship opportunities. The session was a great opportunity for existing and new users to find out more about the services available to thousands of researchers across the continent and beyond.