ERIC Forum Achievements

What´s in for the ERIC Forum Community?

The ERIC Forum was formed in 2017 and brings together the ERIC community with the aim of strengthening its coordination, advancing ERICs’ operations, collectively responding to common challenges, and effectively interacting with the European Commission and key stakeholders. The Forum also strategically contributes to the development of ERIC related policies, making it one of the leading science policy voices in Europe.

Since the set-up of the ERIC Forum implementation project in January 2019, the Forum has produced several policy briefs (eg. on funding models for access to research infrastructures), and position papers (eg, on Key Performance Indicators, Horizon Europe mission areas, EOSC and more). The ERIC Forum project also serves as a foundation for the development of relevant guidance documents, trainings and best practices that would support not only the ERICs in the preparatory phase, but also the established ERICs. For detailed information on the ERIC Forum´s achievements and downloads please see here.