EU-OPENSCREEN activities in the RI-VIS project

The RI-VIS project is coming to an end. EU-OPENSCREEN is a partner in the project and has been actively engaged in its activities. It is a Horizon 2020 funded project to increase the visibility of European research infrastructures (RIs) to new communities in Europe and beyond.

After the success of the three ‘International outreach and partnering events’, which focussed on Africa (1-2 February 2021), Latin America (15-17 June 2021) and Australia (5-7 October 2021), we co-organised with the CREMLINplus project the ‘Europe-Russian Federation Symposium on Research Infrastructures’ on 17 December 2021.

The welcome address was given by Kirill Borisov (Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation), Tatiana Chechenkina (Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in Science and Technology) and Patricia Postigo McLaughlin (European Commission), followed by presentations of 19 Russian and European RIs. The symposium raised awareness of the broad spectrum of services offered by Russian and European RIs and hopefully paved the way for closer cooperation between European and Russian RIs.

Together with colleagues from EMBRC/CCMAR and the South African Department of Science and Technology, EU-OPENSCREEN co-authored the ‘Communication guidelines for European research infrastructures: engaging with stakeholders in African countries’. The guidelines are available on Zenodo. RI-VIS also published similar communication guidelines for Latin America.

The RI-VIS Final Meeting was held on 17 January 2022 as a public online meeting. During this meeting, we looked back at the wide range of key topics for communications and outreach of RIs covered by the RI-VIS project over the past three years. The participants learned about the international symposia, white papers, communication guidelines, and international collaborative pilot projects.

The panellists Danny Adams (South African Department of Science and Technology), Inmaculada Figueroa (Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain), Corinne Martin (ELIXIR/Australia BioCommons Collaboration) and Bahne Stechmann (EU-OPENSCREEN) discussed the future perspectives for international research infrastructure collaborations. The participants were invited to continue these discussions during a social networking session.