EU-OPENSCREEN Annual Report 2021 now online

The EU-OPENSCREEN interactive Annual Report 2021 is now online. Enjoy reading about our developments and key achievements in 2021.

Here are some highlights from 2021:

  • The organization of our first virtual flagship event: The European Chemical Biology Symposium’ with more than 1,000 registrations, nearly 170 abstracts and talks from 60 renowned speakers
  • Our first virtual training school: A week full of lectures with speakers from our partner sites, with talks covering different aspects of chemical biology and early drug discovery, that attracted more than 345 participants
  • More than 20 screening projects using our compounds and technology platforms
  • The start of our bioprofiling activities, allowing us to acquire physicochemical, biochemical and cellular data on all of our 100,000 compounds
  • The uploads of the first screening data into our European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD).. The wide availability of the data will help scientists to identify novel chemical probes and develop better data-driven computational prediction tools

For further reading please download the full report here.