EU-OPENSCREEN receives tube store for its European Compound Management Facility

May 6, 2020, was a great day for EU-OPENSCREEN: We received our state-of-the-art automated tube store. The tube store will be at the heart of our new compound management facility at our central office on Campus Buch in Berlin.

EU-OPENSCREEN’s integrated central compound management facility will store our compound collections and will provide our partner sites across Europe with quality-controlled chemical substances for the characterization of their biological activities in user projects.

The fully automated, integrated compound management facility will allow for cost-effective and reproducible dispensing, copying and reformatting of microplates in various formats (96/384/1536). It will be flexible to accommodate the varying needs of our users by accurately picking individual compounds from the collections for customized sets. EU-OPENSCREEN will source compounds from chemists to build an academic compound collection consisting of unique compounds, and the compound management facility will maintain this dynamic, growing collection.

The automated tube store has a capacity for storage of up to 284'400 1 mL external thread screw cap tubes. The tubes are stored at -20°C, and the storage system can either import or export whole racks with tubes which allows us to generate the compound mother plates. It is also equipped with a tube picker that allows to recombine specific samples in any required pattern on the tube racks in order to perform cherry-pick requests of individual samples. To further reduce manual processing steps of the samples, the store is equipped with an active thawing station for the sample racks. The tube store has a built-in high flexibility and expandability for future applications. It will be possible to double the number of stored tubes by changing to smaller storage tubes, and even increasing by another 40% by storing tubes in high-density racks. This way, up to 817,000 compound samples may be stored in the future in our system.