EU-OPENSCREEN teams up with other European research infrastructures to accelerate scientific discovery

Let’s imagine you are a cell biologist and you just identified a small compound which modulates your therapeutic target of interest, following a cooperation with EU-OPENSCREEN (the European research infrastructure for chemical biology headquartered at the FMP in Berlin).

What happens next? You may be interested in obtaining structural information to help understand the mode of action of the newly discovered compound or you want to look in more detail into the phenotypic changesof treated cells or model organisms using high-resolution imaging methods.

EU-OPENSCREEN participates in the European project CORBEL, which aims at establishing a collaborative framework for shared user access to the various European biomedical research infrastructures. Preliminary results from the 1st call for project proposals that happened in November 2016 clearly identified the interest of the scientific user community in exploiting expertise from different infrastructures in a harmonized manner. Specifically, EU-OPENSCREEN was one of the most highly demanded infrastructures, and many first-time users were attracted through the 1st Open Call. Detailed tracking and analysis of how research projects are using the facilities on offer at the various infrastructure providers, will help to further improve user access and allow your projects to progress faster in the future.