Launch of the CORBEL Innovation Office

The CORBEL Innovation Office intends to provide advice and assistance to streamline research collaboration among Europe’s BioMedical Research Infrastructures (RIs) and the industry. The CORBEL Innovation Office aims to increase the utilization of research data and resources through enhanced collaboration and reduced length of matching and negotiation processes.

At the CORBEL Innovation Office, a team of experienced business developers and legal experts will be available to answer questions and give advice to CORBEL RIs on data sharing, partnering and deal making, with a special focus on public-private partnerships.

In addition, the Help Desk will share best practices from the RIs and make available online guidelines and template agreements for frequently occurring situations within public-private collaborations.

The service will soon evolve to include novel collaboration models such as Open Innovation and Expert Centres for sharing data and resources in the pre-competitive phase. The Help Desk site has now been launched and is available from CORBEL’s website. Requests for assistance can be sent from coordination units of RIs to the following email address: