European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD) contract has been signed

The development and operation agreement for the open-access European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD) has been signed on March 25 by the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG) and the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC.

The development of the database will start now and is foreseen to be completed in June 2020. The ECBD will be closely interconnected to the ChEMBL database operated by EMBL-EBI, and will host all primary screening data originating from EU-OPENSCREEN projects. Hence, it will represent a rich data resource for scientists from across the world for complementing existing or initiating new research endeavors.

“We are excited to get this EU-OPENSCREEN key asset up and running together with our partners in Prague, and will ensure that the ECBD complies with the FAIR data principles endorsed by the European Commission”, says Dr Wolfgang Fecke, Director General of the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC.