New employees at EU-OPENSCREEN

We are happy to welcome Federica Rossella as Compound Quality Technician and Kathy Skopelitou as Administrative Project Manager as new employees at EU-OPENSCREEN.

Federica Rossella – Compound Quality Technician

Federica Rossella studied pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Pavia (IT). Her final dissertation focused on pharmakokinetics of antiviral drugs. She had been research fellow at the laboratory of biomonitoring at the center for occupational and environmental toxicology of the university of Milan, focusing her work on the development of analytical methods and on populations' statistic. She received her PhD in Chemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin. The main subject of her thesis was the development and validation of in-cellulo multifunctional molecular probes for fluorescence and Xe-MRI detection. She also obtained experience in quality control at private pharmaceutical companies and in instrumental analysis for environmental testing.

Kathy Skopelitou – Administrative Project Manager

Katholiki Skopelitou studied Biophysics and advanced Chemistry during her MSc degree. Her PhD research focused on enzyme technology and protein engineering. During her first post-doctoral appointment at the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB-Vienna, Austria) she worked with private pharmaceutical companies for optimal protein production in drugs. Her work was at the interface between Systems Biology and Microbial Cell Engineering . As Scientific and Coordination manager at the unit of Bioengineering at UCL University in Belgium her main research activities involved Bioprocess Engineering (cellular and cell-free biocatalyst development and implementation, bioreactor design and scale-up).