Visit of the BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery at Tel Aviv University from Israel

Avi Raveh, Chief Scientific Officer, Edward Pichinuk, Head of HTS and Biological Assays Unit and Hamutal Engel, Head of the Computer Aided Drug Design Unit, from BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery at Tel Aviv University, Israel, visited EU-OPENSCREEN in June to discuss future cooperation.

The visit included a guided tour of our FMP partner site, where Jens von Kries, Head of the FMP Screening unit, showed our guests the screening facilities and Edgar Specker from the FMP Medicinal Chemistry group, explained the compound management system.

Also in June, Wolfgang Fecke, Director General of EU-OPENSCREEN, got the chance to return the visit to the BLAVATNIK CENTER in Israel during his business trip to the 16th Annual Meeting of The Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Israel Chemical Society. Both visits revealed many common areas of interest and options for future cooperation. There is mutual agreement to intensify this cooperation in the future.