Research Infrastructures mobilisation in response to COVID-19: lessons learned.

On May 11, our partner Petr Bartunek, Coordinator of CZ-OPENSCREEN, will chair the Workshop 'Research Infrastructures mobilisation in response to COVID-19: lessons learned', which is co-organised by the OECD Global Science Forum and Science Europe.

This workshop will be an opportunity to discuss some of the critical questions that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic for different research infrastructure stakeholders. It will also offer an opportunity to draw up the lessons learned that could be of future use in either new emergency situations or, more broadly, to improve the efficiency of research infrastructures in addressing complex societal challenges.

Philip Gribbon from our screening partner site Fraunhofer ITMP in Hamburg will present a case study on using research infrastructures to identify therapies against Covid-19.

This virtual workshop is organized as a satellite event of ICRI 2021 ( The key lessons learned will be fed into the ICRI conference discussion.