Let’s stop this war. Let’s support Ukraine. Let's do science together.

EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC stands with science, freedom & democracy. We condemn any violence. To support the Ukraine and to stop this war, EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is collecting and publishing links/ contacts for donations, help organisations, equipment requests!

Please contact or and send us your links! None of the link order below represents a ranking of importance. Due to time contraints, we post everything we receive.

Labs supporting Ukranian scientists:

Organisation links/ how to help:

Companies boycottig russia:

Financial support:

Personnel requests/ help databases:

IBCH-PAS, Dr Jacek L Kolanowski, Head of Department of Molecular Probes and Prodrugs & Centre for High Throughput Screening Studies, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Chair of Polish Young Academy, President of Young Academies Science Advice Structure; 12/14 Noskowskiego St., 61-704 Poznan, building E, room 117; tel: +48 61 8528503 (ext. 165),

  • We are creating our own database and then once we get an ask for help we try to match scientist who needs help with a host and then host takes care of helping the scientist to settle in. Please feel free to fill in our form if you can and like this this info will get into our database:

ENAMINE, Andrey Tarnovskiy, Sales Director, Europe, ENAMINE Ltd., 78 Chervonotkatska Street, 02660 Kyiv, Ukraine, Phone: +380 44 333 56 06, Cell: +38 093 913 87 54, Fax: +38 044 537 32 53, E-mail:,,


Wilhelm Huck • 2nd Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry at Radboud University Nijmegen

  • Reaching out to all #chemistry students (MSc or Phd level) in the #Ukraine. If you are working on a topic related to (physical) organic chemistry, #analyticalchemistry, or #biotechnology, I can offer a 6-month research visit to my lab in the Netherlands. We will cover all your expenses, and provide you with all necessary facilities to continue your studies and research. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Dr. Iryna Shalaginova • 2nd Research Officer for Internaitonal Cooperatone, Uni of Tübingen

  • The University of Tübingen is offering 10 Research@Tübingen scholarships for Ukrainian scholars (for up to 12 months). If you know of any Ukrainian scholars who were able to flee the country, please get in touch with me:

Marzena Smol • 2nd Head of Division of Biogenic Raw Materials in MEERI PAS 4d • Edited • 

  • Polish Young Academy Polish Academy of Sciences Polska Akademia Nauk would like to support our Colleagues from Ukraine.
  • Please share this information
  • Ukrainian Scientists who left Ukraine due to war or plan to leave in the coming days; we will help you find accommodation and jobs.
  • Contact us here or via our Facebook
  • Please provide: name and surname, number of family members, your discipline and University, contact number, city/university where you head (if known).
  • Українські вчені, які залишили Україну через війну або планують виїхати найближчими днями; ми допоможемо Вам знайти житло та роботу. Зв'яжіться з нами тут:
  • або через наш Facebook.
  • Будь ласка, вкажіть: ім’я та прізвище, кількість членів сім’ї, вашу дисципліну та університет, контактний номер, місто/університет, де ви навчаєтеся (якщо відомо).