Compound Logistics Manager (Job code: CLM)


  • Design and integration of high quality compound distribution workflows
  • Coordinate compound microtiter plate preparation campaigns
  • Optimize infrastructure within compound logistics facility
  • Oversee registration of academic and commercial compounds
  • Oversee quality control analytics of compound solutions


  • Doctoral degree in Chemistry, Analytics, Biotechnology or Engineering
  • At least 5 years’ experience in drug discovery and lab automation
  • Experience in setting up complex automation processes
  • Experience in compound analytics
  • Excellent knowledge of English

Application procedure

Interested candidates should submit their updated CV with supporting documents and a motivational letter to jobs@eu-openscreen.eu. Applications are accepted until the position is filled. More information about the role can be obtained from wolfgang.fecke@eu-openscreen.eu, +49 30 9489 2420.

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