Upcoming Events

6th Prague-Weizmann Summer School in Prague, Sep 2-6, 2019

The summer school is giving a broad view on the advances in drug discovery process from the basic science up to the production process development. It is intended mainly for PhD students and postdocs. Expert speakers from major international pharma and biotech companies and academia will cover these broad areas:

  • Target discovery
  • General chemical approaches-medicinal chemistry
  • Structure and In silico based drug design
  • Lead structure characterization
  • Preclinical and clinical development
  • Principles and examples of commercial drug development cycle

Organizers decided to grant a scholarship to a total of 15 participants in the form of a FREE REGISTRATION. Please send your application incl. CV and a short explanation on the reasons of your request to the e-mail: before June 1, 2019. The selection will be made by the Scientific Committee and the participants will be informed by 30. 6. 2019 at the latest.

For further information and registration see here

International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (9th ICBB 2019), September 25-28, 2019 Poznan, Poland

ICBB2019 is co-organized by Asia-Pacific Association of Science, Engineering and Technology and our EU-OPENSCREEN screening partner site, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, and Chinese Journal of Biologicals, in collaboration with multiple academic affiliations. EU-OPENSCREEN will present its services at the conference and will also give an up-date on its activities within its EU-Horizon 2020 grant, EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE, which enhances the sustainability and operational excellence of EU-OPENCREEN and its services. Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (IBCH) at the Polish Academy of Science.

Co-organized by EU-OPENSCREEN-ERIC: 6th European Chemical Biology Symposium (2019, Madrid)

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committees, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 6th ECBS/LS-EuChemS meeting in Madrid the 3-5 April, 2019. This occasion brings together the 6th European Chemical Biology Symposium and the meeting of the EuChemS Division “Chemistry in Life Sciences” (LS-EuChemS) and it is jointly organized by EuChemS and EU-OPENSCREEN.

Chemical biologists from all parts of Europe and overseas come together to present and discuss the latest achievements in cutting edge chemical sciences. This present joint meeting gathers researchers from organic & biological chemistry, proteins biotechnology, computational biology, protocells, machine learning, bacterial resistance, drug discovery, synthetic biology, biomedical materials and chemical glycobiology.

We encourage young researchers to present their work at the meeting (oral & flash presentations will be selected from abstracts), discuss with the speakers and embrace the exciting developments currently happening in chemical biology.

Call for abstracts is open! (deadline for oral/flash presentations: 5th November).

Please, visit the conference website

We are looking forward to meeting you in Madrid!

Dr. Sonsoles Martín-Santamaría - EuCheMS Division of “Chemistry in Life Sciences Division”, Chair

Dr. Philip Gribbon - EU-OPENSCREEN Coordinator

Invitation to the International Plant Spectroscopy Conference (IPSC-2019) in Berlin

The 2nd International Plant Spectroscopy Conference (IPSC-2019) will take place in Berlin from 24 to 28 March 2019. The IPSC-2019 brings together plant researchers and spectroscopists and presents new applications of spectroscopy from science to agricultural and industrial practice. The "International Society for Plant Spectroscopy" and the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualitätsforschung pflanzlicher Nahrungsmittel e.V." (DGQ) have organized the conference. The conference will take place in the Henry Ford Building of the Freie Universität Berlin. Early bird registration is still possible until October 31, 2018; students can apply for a travel scholarship. Conference website