Success Stories

More than 80 user projects were successfully launched within our infrastructure at our partner sites in the EU-OPENSCREEN member countries.

In the following, we will highlight in special "sucess stories" the progress of these projects.


Prof. Jan Rybniker

University Hospital Cologne, Germany

Phenotypic screening for novel antibiotics targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Prof. Jan Rybniker
Eulalia de Nadal

Dr Eulàlia de Nadal

IRB Barcelona, Spain

Identifying phosphomimetic RB modulators

Maria Macias

Dr Maria J. Macias

IRB Barcelona, Spain

Targeting SMAD4, a transcription factor protein mutated in tumours and rare diseases

Emiliano Biasini

Prof. Alessandro Provenzani

University of Trento, Italy

Interfering with RAN translation in ALS – An extensive screening campaign with high-quality laboratory practices

Emiliano Biasini

Prof. Emiliano Biasini

University of Trento, Italy

Identification of the Pharmacological Target of Compounds Modulating the Activity of the Cellular Prion Protein (CHEMPRION)

Marcin Grzybowski

Dr. Marcin Grzybowski


By leveraging EU-OPENSCREEN services, Marcin was able to utilise advanced MALDI-MSI technology to visualise the metabolic alterations induced by OATD-02.


Dr. Monika Schmidt

University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Screening of European Chemical Biology Library revealed small molecules which inhibit a mitochondrial enzyme involved in Alzheimer’s disease


Professor Juana Diez

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Cooperation between Fabra University in Spain, HZI in Germany and Masaryk University in Czech Republic conducted a screening under BSL3 conditions with exceptional efficiency.


Dr. Félix Torres

ETH Zürich, Laboratory of physical chemistry, Switzerland

Collaboration between ETH Zürich and EU-OPENSCREEN paved the way for ultrafast NMR screening and supported the launch of a promising start-up company

Dr. Félix Torres

Prof. Ana Garcia Saez

University of Cologne, Institute for Genetics, Germany

Screening of our European Chemical Biology Library (ECBL) uncovered new modulators of Mitochondria-ER contact sites

Prof. Ana Garcia Saez