Access for Industry

Innovation is the central goal of EU-OPENSCREEN. We welcome collaborations with the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, specifically in drug discovery, using a pre-competitive model based on open innovation. 

EU-OPENSCREEN provides access to expertise, equipment, and resources for:

  • Drug development support from hit identification to lead optimization
  • Co-development of disruptive technologies in screening and chemical biology
  • Open access compound libraries:
    • the European Chemical Biology Library (ECBL),
    • the Academic Compound Library (EACL) and
    • the Fragment Library (FBLD)
  • Open access European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD) containing structures, physicochemical and biological data
  • Training platforms for cutting-edge drug discovery technologies

Networking is at the heart of innovative business. Our European consortium has the unique opportunity to bring people together and promote innovation and knowledge sharing. Considering your scientific focus and business interest we will help you to find your best R&D partner.



Further information for interested companies from the industry sector


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