Access to EU-OPENSCREEN - Overview

Our partner sites are ready to support your screening project with a range of scientific services, including assay adaptation, screening, chemistry services, compound profiling, and local compound management. These services are provided under the guidance of EU-OPENSCREEN and regulated by agreements between us and our partner sites.To ensure the highest standards, all validated partner sites must sign these agreements, ensuring seamless collaboration and quality service. Additionally, our central compound management facility will supply compound stocks for all approved projects, helping you advance your research with ease.Discover the benefits of working with our expert partner sites and let us help you achieve your research goals.

As a chemist you are invited to join our unique compound sharing initiative by submitting your compounds to our European Academic Compound Library (EACL). To get started, you must sign a material transfer agreement (MTA) with EU-OPENSCREEN. These agreements ensure that our shared terms align with our policies on access, dissemination, and intellectual property, as outlined in our Statutes, Rules of Procedure, and Scientific and Technical description.By signing an MTA, you'll embrace our commitment to data sharing and gain the opportunity for first refusal on future collaborations with assay providers. This partnership not only safeguards your contributions but also opens doors to exciting new research opportunities.

How to access EU-OPENSCREEN