Access to EU-OPENSCREEN - Overview

Scientific services linked to user projects (assay adaptation, screening, chemistry services, compound profiling and local compound management) will be performed by partner sites as mandated by EU-OPENSCREEN on a project-by-project basis, and regulated by service agreements between EU-OPENSCREEN and the partner sites. All validated partner sites will have to enter into service agreements. Physical stocks of the compound collection for use in approved user projects will be provided to the partner sites by the EU-OPENSCREEN central compound management facility.

Chemists submitting compounds to the European Academic Compound Library (EACL) will be required to sign material transfer agreements (MTA) with EU-OPENSCREEN. The terms of the MTA will align with the access, dissemination and IP policies of EU-OPENSCREEN as outlined in the Statutes, Rules of Procedure and the Scientific and Technical description. This will include data sharing and a right of first refusal for a future collaboration with the assay providing users.

How to access EU-OPENSCREEN