canSERV: Providing Cutting Edge Cancer Research Services Across Europe

Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N 101058620)

Budget: €14.8M

Coordinator: BBMRI-ERIC

Duration: 3 years (Sept 2022 - Aug 2025)

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Aim of the canSERV project

canSERV aims to accelerate the process of translating theoretical knowledge into personalised oncology clinical practice, which will give cancer patients faster and easier access to solutions and products.The project is aligned to the EU Cancer Mission declared by the European Commission suggesting that taking interdisciplinary approaches could be the key to accelerating cancer research and finding new treatment options. The canSERV project responds to this by providing new interdisciplinary and customised oncology services across the entire cancer continuum. This will provide a comprehensive portfolio of oncology-related research infrastructure services available to all EU member countries and beyond. The range of services offered by the consortium of life science research infrastructures is available through a single catalogue and intuitive user-friendly transnational access (TNA) process.

What is EU-OPENSCREEN offering within the canSERV project?

EU-OPENSCREEN leads WP4 on new therapeutic solutions providing access to drug discovery expertise and state-of-the-art services to identify novel therapeutic solutions for innovative personalised cancer research. In particular, partner sites will provide in WP4 access to HTS target-based and phenotypic assays, using biochemical or cell-based assays, incl. 3D spheroids assays, and to hit expansion and medicinal chemistry support to progress projects towards validated hit and lead stages.

In WP2 Advanced Technologies for understanding tumour biology and for personalised oncology EU-OPENSCREEN partners will support the development of disease-relevant assays (biochemical, pathway-based and cell-based 2D or 3D) for compound screening or hit validation, high-content image-based profiling of compounds, including those applied on patient-derived cells and the validation of the binding affinity and kinetics of compounds towards the drug target via biophysical methods and, and preclinical evaluation in ADME-tox assays of selected lead compounds (developed within WP4).

In addition EU-OPENSCREEN contributes with expertise and capacities to WP3 access to cutting-edge and high-quality services that will support the optimization of existing screening programmes, the advancement of novel approaches for screening and early detection, identification of new biomarker sets, as well as will contribute to the development of novel therapeutics based on molecular predictors ensuring the metabolomic profiling of cancer stem cell-derived exosomes.

Get funding for your project within canSERV:

Open Call for Transnational Service Provision

Under the canSERV Open Call researchers are welcome to apply to a portfolio of services offered by canSERV to address the research needs of the entire oncology developmental pipeline. 

Submission Deadline: Thursday, 4th January 2024, 2pm CET

Call text and application can be found here: