EOSC Future is funded with €42 million over 30 months under the INFRAEOSC-03-2020 call to further develop the EOSC portal, the EOSC-CORE and the EOSC-Exchange of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), It aims at integrating, consolidating and connecting e-infrastructures, research communities and initiatives in the field of open science.   

The current challenges to overcome include ensuring data consistency through systematic application of metadata descriptors, linking public and locally generated proteomic and transcriptomic data with bioactivity results and quantifying the impact of target modulation on the viral interactome pathway function.

EU-OPENSCREEN with its partner site Fraunhofer ITMP Hamburg, will work on so called “test science projects” related to EOSC-LIFE projects on COVID-19 metadata findability and interoperability as well as imaging data which arose from the EOSC - COVID-19 Demonstrator. The ITMP will (i) work on workflows based on knowledge graph analyses to identify key biological pathways involved in host viral response to infection and perturbation by known drugs and (ii) will require storage capacities from EOSC future to host the knowledge graph database and to complete the integration plans with the EOSC core services. ITMP will benefit from experts to help deploy knowledge graph workflow services on EOSC environments and cataloging of services and resources on FAIRsharing.


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