The ISIDORe (Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research emergency) project consortium is made up of 10 ESFRI infrastructures, 6 EU-funded networks and one national surveillance network, coordinated by our partner research infrastructure ERINHA with a total of 156 project partners from 32 countries, and a total  funding of €21 million. For the duration of three years, it has the overarching objectives to help control SARS-CoV2 in particular, and epidemic prone pathogens in general by providing fast access to cutting-edge resources and services in an integrated way.

EU-OPENSCREEN leads work package 10 ‘Diagnostic & therapeutic discovery services which is expected to start in early 2022. Candidates for therapeutic development are small molecule anti-viral modulators, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory/immunomodulatory compounds, and neutralizing or blocking antibodies. The small molecule work (assay development, high throughput screening, hit validation and profiling, access to the Lead/Candidate development platform) will be performed by the EU-OPENSCREEN partner sites and partly the Rega institute in Leuven. In addition, antigen and on-chip RNA amplification microfluidic devices will allow fast differentiation between viral variants. As part of the TNA access, users will also receive webinar training on the technologies and services on offer.