The MARBLES ('Marine Biodiversity as Sustainable Resource of Disease-Suppressive Microbes and Bioprotectants for Aquaculture and Crop Diseases') project is a 7.5m€ funding HORIZON 2020 project with a duration of 5 years starting in October 2021.  MARBLES explores how to access and exploit marine microbial biodiversity for sustainable bioprospecting to discover microbial consortia and bioactive molecules for application in aqua- and agriculture and in the clinic. The research teams specifically look for new antibiotics and antifungals as well as microbes that can serve as bioprotectants in agriculture and aquaculture.  

EU-OPENSCREEN, together with the two EU-OPENSCREEN partner sites Fundación MEDINA and Fraunhofer Institute for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology (Fraunhofer ITMP) will contribute to the WP4 ‘Small molecules-Generation of chemical diversity’ and WP5 ‘Screening and validation’, which is led by Fundación MEDINA. As part of the long-term sustainability of MARBLES, the libraries of pure compounds from WP4 will be integrated in the EU-OPENSCREEN academic collection, and by doing so, will be made available to other researchers beyond the life-time of the MARBLES project. 

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