Translocation Transfer

Gaetan L.A Mislin


University of Strasbourg - CNRS ESBS
300, Bld Sébastien Brant
CS 10413
67412 Illkirch


Phone: +33 6 68 85 47 27

Current Position:

Director of Research at the CNRS, co-Head of the team “Metals and Microorganisms : Biology, Chemistry and Applications”

Key words:

siderophore, antibiotic, metalloantibiotic, Trojan Horse strategy, vectorization, ICT iron chelators

Research profile:

  • Characterization of new siderophores
  • Total synthesis of natural siderophores
  • Synthesis of siderophore vectors dedicated to antibiotic Trojan Horse strategy
  • Synthesis of siderophore-related molecular tools (fluorescent siderophore, deuterium tagged siderophores).
  • Development of metalloantibiotics
  • Development of siderophore-inspired iron chelators devoted to Iron Chelation Therapy (ICT)


- Purification and structural characterization of bacterial siderophore - Organic and Medicinal Chemistry - Aromatic and Heterocyclic/Heteroaromatic synthesis - Microwave activated organic synthesis - Conjugation chemistry


  • Four bench/hood fully equipped for organic and medicinal chemistry
  • HPLC
  • Automated Flash chromatography
  • Microvawe reactor
  • Cryostat (20°C to -40°C)

References (10 most significant the last 5 years):

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