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Jacek Kolanowski


Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS


Phone: +48 618 52 85 03 (ext 165)

Key words:

chemical synthesis, responsive fluorescent probes, small molecule tools to covalently label proteins in situ, fluorescent spectroscopy and microscopy on live cells, in vitro fluorescent assays to image enzyme activity or chemical analytes (metal ions, pH, ROS).


The Department of Molecular Probes and Prodrugs, which currently works on fluorescent and bioluminescent probes to study iron(II), redox and enzymatic activity in cellular cancer models as well as on small molecule tools to selectively label proteins in live cells and subsequently study their local nanoenvironment. In addition, the Centre for High Throughput Screening Studies, which is a Specialised Screening Partner Site in EU-OPENSCREN. Our capabilities comprises a screening platform (R. Pilarski), medicinal chemistry, assay development and proteomic facility (L. Marczak). The Centre is also supported by biomolecular NMR and crystallography (M. Ruszkowski) groups, as well as teams working on animal and plant models and in particular, a group currently studying transport of small molecules through membranes via plant-origin proteins from ABC family (M. Jasiński).

Role in the network:

Development of small molecule tools and assays to study biochemical parameters (redox balance, metal ion pools, in particular iron(II), enzymatic activity) in live cells and/or to study the local nano-environment (pH, metal ions concentration, polarity, viscosity etc) of proteins (by covalently attaching small molecule fluorescent probes to proteins of interest in situ in live cells). We are equipped to support a) screening assays development b) synthesis of fluorescently labelled substrates and probes c) development of tools to covalently label transport proteins.


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