Translocation Transfer

Jean-Marie Pagès


Aix-Marseille University,


Phone : +33 491 32 46 97
Email :

Key words:

Antibiotics, Bacterial membranes, gene regulation, porins, multidrug resistance, transport


The research unit is located in AMU Health Campus and comprises about 12 researchers (INSERM, CNRS, Univ, SSA) and several postdocs-PhDs. The team expertise covers various domains, from Bacterial membrane and transport (genetic and functional aspects, structural-activity relationship), Antibiotic resistance mechanisms (clinical involvement, regulation and prevalence), New antimicrobial compounds (new antibacterial activity or new vectorization strategy). Jean-Marie PAGES is author of over 250 publications and 4 patents. He has strong interest in (i) antibacterial agents with special concerns on antibiotic susceptibility and resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, (ii) Gram-negative bacterial membranes and, (iii) membrane transport (porins, efflux pumps). He has recently developed new concepts and methodologies, and created news tools to measure intra-bacterial accumulations of antibiotics and early steps of killing rates by antibacterial agents.

Recent references:

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