Translocation Transfer

Katja Herzog


13125 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 9489 2422

Current Position:

European Relations and Grant Officer

Key words:

EU-OPENSCREEN, HTS Screening, Medicinal Chemistry, Proposal writing support, Training, Bioprofiling, Compound management, chemical biology database


EU-OPENSCREEN offer access to a distributed research infrastructure which meets the needs of its Users - scientists seeking a better understanding on how fundamental molecular processes act to govern biological function at the organismal, tissue, cellular and pathway levels. Using a well-founded collaborative working model, infrastructure Users and EU-OPENSCREEN teams identify and develops novel small chemical compounds which elicit specific biological responses on organisms, cells or cellular components. These bioactive compounds are identified by means of screening large collections of >100 000 molecules, in an automated process, using robotics-based high-throughput screening platforms. A large-scale research infrastructure (RI) with an ‘open’ pre-competitive character, EU-OPENSCREEN providing access to Europe’s leading screening platforms and chemistry groups; constructing a jointly used compound collection; and operating an open-access bioactivity database which will be accessible on a global basis.

Role in the network:

EU-OPENSCREEN will help increase the understanding of transport related issues in antibiotic drug discovery with academia by connecting its community of screening and medicinal chemistry experts to the groups focussed on compound transport and penetration in gram negative bacteria. It will annotate its academic compound collection of 100k compounds with their predicted transport properties and help to guide best practice in compound design which takes into account penetration and efflux issues.


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