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María J. Vicent


Polymer Therapeutics Lab. Advanced Therapies Area. Prince Felipe Research Center (CIPF)


Phone: +34963289680 (Ext 2307)

Key words:

Targeted Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine, Polymer Therapeutics, Polypeptides


material sciences, drug delivery, molecular targeted therapeutics. Within the Advanced Therapies area at CIPF, Dr Vicent research group focused on the development of novel nanopharmaceuticals for different therapeutic and diagnostic applications, in particular Polymer Therapeutics for unmet clinical needs. We have expertise from polymer design, mainly polypeptide-based materials (spin off company derived from this technology, inherent activity (i.e. Poly-L-Lysine-based architectures with microbicide properties or random polypeptides with immunomodulation properties) or as carriers of different bioactive agents of diverse nature (i.e. small drugs, peptides, proteins, biotechnologics, ODN…) as single agents and in combination therapies. On the other hand, in collaboration with Dr M. Orzáez (we are developing targeted nanosystems capable to modulate inflammasome, a key molecular target in bacterial resistance therapeutic strategies.

Role in the network:

Development of tools to induce microbice activity in a controlled and efficient manner as well as designing drug targeted delivery nanosystems capable to overcome bacterial resistance factors. In parallel we would like to gain molecular understanding of inflammasome role on bacterial resistance as well as the molecular and trafficking processes to achieve adequate drug transport.