Translocation Transfer

Mathias Winterhalter


Jacobs University Bremen
28759 Bremen


Phone: +49 421 200 3248,

Key words:

Porin, transport, electrophysiology


biophysics, characterization of porins, electrophysiology, molecular transport

Our main interest is on the development of tools to quantify transport of small molecules (antibiotics, nutrients…) across porins and thus gaining a molecular understanding of these transport processes. We produce porins, modify them by mutation or chemically and reconstitute them into planar lipid bilayer und analyse the ion current fluctuation in presence of small molecules to obtain information on permeation. The team is embedded in a local network at Jacobs comprising computational biophysics (all atom modelling of transport, U. Kleinekathöfer), Chemistry (D. Gabel), experimental biophysics, electrophysiology (transport characterization through channel, R. Benz, R. Wagner, M. Winterhalter). During the recent 6 years we were the academic leader of Translocation (IMI-New Drug For Bad Bugs).


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