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Päivi Tammela


University of Helsinki,


Phone: +358 50 448 0886

Key words:

Efflux inhibitors, cell-based screens, assay development


Assay development and screening, bioreporters, cell- and target-based assays. The Bioactivity Screening Group at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, focuses on enhancing antimicrobial drug discovery – covering aspects from early target validation to detailed characterisation studies of novel antimicrobial substances. We are a specialist screening site in EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC and a partner in the JPIAMR project RESET-ME (2019-2022), focused on restoring the E. coli sensitivity for antibiotics by blocking TolC-mediated efflux.

Role in the network:

Development of tools and approaches for antibacterial screening, using both target- and cell-based screening assays, and thus enhancing the discovery of novel antibacterial agents.


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  • Durcik et al.2018.Synthesis and evaluation of N-phenylpyrrolamides as DNA gyrase B inhibitors.ChemMedChem, 13: 186-198.doi: 10.1002/cmdc.201700549