Translocation Transfer

Philip Gribbon


Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany


Phone: +49 40 303764 271

Key words:

High Throughput screening, antibiotic drug discovery, Data and Knowledge management in antibiotic drug discovery


The Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort in Hamburg covers the identification, functional characterization and validation of targets which play a role in human health, disease and toxicity. It has work covers 5 major themes: i) Drug Discovery; ii) Structure Based Drug Design; iii) Biomarker and Translational Research; iv) R&D Information Technologies; and v) Enabling Technologies. The informatics strategy for IME ScreeningPort, including external software development of screening informatics tools for integrating in silico and in vitro bioactivity data. Fraunhofer IME is a partner site of EU-OPENSCREEN as well as leading efforts on data sharing in the IMI projects FAIRplus, ND4BB TRANSLOCATION InfoCentre and EU project EU Open Science Cloud Life responsible for Data source cloudification. Fraunhofer created the ND4BB InfoCentre resource as an accessible repository of discovery through to preclinical, covering antimicrobial research data from industry and academia. This has now been extended in to IMI AMR Accelerator projects COMBINE and GNA-NOW.

Role in the network:

Provide access to screening platforms and libraries for the identification and characterization of novel antibiotic compounds. Link to common data resources to aid antibiotic drug discovery development.


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