EU-OPENSCREEN´s Compound Collection

With EU-OPENSCREEN´s unique compound collection you can explore the chemical space and target biology with Europe´s only open-access chemical biology infrastructure. Our collection is composed of a commercial set of about 100.000 compounds with unbiased chemical diversity, designed by five academic computational chemistry groups, to which we will add over the next years a growing number of proprietary compounds collected from European chemists.

The compound collection can be used in high-throughput screening assays at any of our EU-OPENSCREEN screening partner sites.

All compounds in our library will be characterised in a panel of non-target specific bioprofiling assays, covering physicochemical and antimicrobial properties as well as potential cellular cytotoxicity.

Libraries available at EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC: 

Commercial compound collection

Academic library

Pilot library with 2464 bioactive compounds

Fragment library

Pilot library with 2464 bioactive compounds

Our pilot screening library consists of about 5.000 compounds. Half of these compounds represent our large screening collection of 100.000 commercial compounds while the other half is made up of about 2.500 bioactive compounds. EU-OPENSCREEN has recently purchased this unique library which was designed by Ctibor Skuta/ Petr Bartunek from our partner site IMG in Prague. A strong emphasis was put on the selection of molecules with high target selectivity.
The 2464 compounds are active against 1039 different targets, contain 654 approved drugs and 368 highly selective probes. A graphical overview about target and pathway coverage is shown below and was generated using the Probes & Drugs portal ( The bioactive library is provided in seven compound mother plates in 384-well format and is now available to research projects in collaboration with one of our partner sites.

Details on our new library of bioactive compounds can be found here: