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Find out how EU-OPENSCREEN can support your project

Individual researchers or consortia applying for international or national grants and aiming to screen for chemical tools to unravel their basic research questions are invited to contact EU-OPENSCREEN for support.
We will support you on the screening part of your application and enable you to file a strong research case. This can be achieved, e.g. by providing you help in writing, identifying potential gaps and bottlenecks that can be experienced during the project’s execution, or by enabling you to perform a pilot screen to test your assay.

We can help you to identify the right partner for your consortium among EU-OPENSCREEN Chemical Biology sites.

ISIDORe Transnational Access Calls


application deadline: Open as long as funding remains available


pre-application deadline: 07 February 2023, 23.59 CET (for access to BSL-4 capacities)

Respiratory Pathogens

Pre-application deadline: Open as long as funding remains available

Vector-borne pathogens & Their Vectors

Pre-application deadline: Open as long as funding remains available

Other Pathogens with Epidemic Potential

Pre-application deadline: Open as long as funding remains available


Use the Isidore open calls to access EU-OPENSCREEN facilities, antibodies discovery platforms and diagnostic services

What is ISIDORe?

ISIDORe launched its first calls for transnational access for projects to study SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. You can access EU-OPENSCREEN's screening and chemistry partner sites offering drug discovery and early preclinical development services to external researchers in academia and industry working on new therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2 variants and epidemic-prone pathogens.

Activities range from  

  • assay development and validation of preliminary research results, to  
  • HTS hit discovery programs using high throughput in vitro biochemical and cell-based assays to
  • further progress promising small molecules to lead development and candidate nomination stage

Moreover, EU-OPENSCREEN teams up with European partners that offer access to  

  • antibody and
  • nanobody discovery platforms, and to  
  • services related to the development of in vitro diagnostic tests. 

What kind of funding is available?  

  • Scientific, technological, and logistical support at the selected service facility 
  • Training on provided research technologies, if needed 
  • Contributions to travel, accommodation and sample shipping 

How do I apply? 

  1. Select your service of interest related to screening, medicinal chemistry, antibody discovery and/ or diagnostics on the ISIDORe website. 
  2. Make sure to apply for an ORCID number to apply for the ISIDORe call. 
  3. Fill in the pre-application form at the bottom of the service page. 
  4. You will receive an email with an ISIDORE ID number and a second email with a link towards the EU-OPENSCREEN screening, medicinal chemistry, antibody and/ or diagnostics application page.
  5. On the application page, select the diagnostics and therapeutics services that you want to apply to and apply 
    1. for EU-OPENSCREEN screening and medicinal chemistry services access via ARIA and/or 
    2. for antibody and diagnostics services via the specific application procedure.  
  6. Always provide the ISIDORe ID number to benefit from ISIDORe funding.  

What else? 

  • All scientists from Academia and Industry from European and non-European country are eligible for this calls.  
  • The calls support transnational access: scientists can only apply to services outside of their country of residence. 
  • The calls support physical, remote and virtual access to ISIDORe services.

More information on the calls can be found on the ISIDORe website.

 European funding sources


International Funding Sources

  • IRDiRC - The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium