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EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE Transnational Access Calls

The EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE project is funded under the European Union´s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and provides researchers with access to cutting-edge European small molecule screening, medicinal chemistry and chemoproteomics facilities. EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC central office is responsible for the management of the transnational access calls.

Within this project EU-OPENSCREEN is offering 23 fully funded research projects in the areas of chemoproteomics, small molecule screening and medicinal chemistry. Eligible proposals will be evaluated by external reviewers, and successful applicants will be selected in an open and transparent process.Transnational access comprises a total of 6 chemoproteomics, 12 small molecule screening and 5 medicinal chemistry projects. The European Commission only allows transnational access, meaning that users are not eligible to get access to a facility that is located in their home country.

Chemoproteomics Call 1 - Deadline July 31st, 2019

The EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Chemoproteomics Call 1 aims at increasing the understanding of mechanisms of action by which a tool compound or drug discovery lead compound exerts its pharmacological effect. The users are offered access to target-based and phenotype-based workflows, proteomics and related advanced mass spectrometry (MS) based technologies, including MS imaging. Under this call, users will have the opportunity to access a broad range of experimental approaches through different chemical proteomic workflows for samples of bacterial and mammalian origin or in whole organisms (e.g. multicellular parasites).

The deadline for applications will be July 31st, 2019. For more information and application please visit the EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE website.

Small Molecule Screening Call - Deadline September 30, 2019

Under this call 12 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE partner institutions will each offer one predefined screening technology to external users. The user will provide the biological question and the related assay matching the offered techniques. The offered screening technologies have been selected carefully to demonstrate the broad variety of screening capacities and expertise that can be provided by the EU-OPENSCREEN network. Applicants from institutions within European Member States and Associated countries and up to 2 users from a Non-EU country are invited to review the offered screening technologies and apply to the one most suitable to their individual assay setup and biological question. EU-OPENSCREEN will provide its 100,000 compound collection for each of the 12 selected user projects.

The deadlline for applications will be September 30, 2019. More information and application can be found on the EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE website.

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