The European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD) will be hosted by the Czech EU-OPENSCREEN partner site Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG) in Prague. The ECBD is in its planning phase and will be a web portal with powerful search and analysis capabilities. It will contain validated output from screening centres in a public as well as pre-release environment.

It will support curation, annotation and organization of data and metadata. Data will be deposited with a flexible privacy model for rapid and safe dissemination and exploitation. Users stay owner of their data.

The optional hold period will be 36 months for data publication. There will be high standards of security and traceability of IP (citable indexing of data points (EUOS, DOI or URL) and links to originator labs for primary raw unprocessed data.

There will also be links to SAR (e.g. ChEMBL), Chemical Structure (e.g. PubChem), and Target (e.g. UniProt) resources. Links established with new NIH-funded BARD resource.

For further information on the ECBD please contact Dr. Bahne Stechmann at the EU-OPENSCREEN Head Office (E-Mail: