A joint European effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Life Science Research Infrastructures (LS RIs)

EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is part of the European Research Infrastructure landscape and member of the LS-RIs cluster.
By making high-quality facilities, resources and services available to every scientist, research infrastructures ensure that science is driven by excellence through collaboration and not by the research capacity of individual countries, economic sectors, or institutions.
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, LS-RIs are prioritizing SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19 research, offering fast access to their services, resources and expertise in various areas of life sciences, spanning from structural biology to translational medicine. Links to the LS-RIs COVID-19 related research efforts are listed below:

An exstensive overview of the LS-RIs COVID-19 activities can be found at LS-RIs Respond to COVID-19, the RIs against COVID-19 pandemic, and Research Infrastructures and COVID-19 Research powered by the Association of European-Level Research Infrastructures Facilities (ERF-AISBL).

Watch the video on how to accelerate your COVID-19 research with LS RIs: