Topic: HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EOSC-01-06 – FAIR and open data sharing in support of cancer research

Duration: 30 months

Start date: 1 September 2022

Grant agreement: 101058427


EOSC4Cancer (European Open Science Cloud for Cancer) is a European initiative that makes diverse types of cancer data accessible: genomics, imaging, medical, clinical, environmental, and socio-economic data. As part of the the European Cancer Mission, the project, kicked off in October 2022, aims to securely identify, share, process and reuse FAIR data across borders and offer them to users via community-driven analysis environments.

Cancer’s complex nature requires integration of advanced research data across national boundaries to enable progress. The Horizon Europe mission board for cancer has identified access to data, knowledge, and digital services – accessible across the European Research Area through federated infrastructures – as a key enabling condition for success. The better we organise cancer data across Europe, the better and faster we can bring the fruits of new biological and technical innovations to the benefit of EU citizens/patients.

What is EU-OPENSCREEN´s involvement in EOSC4Cancer?

EOSC4Cancer brings together a consortium of 29 organisations from 13 countries, including cancer research centres, research infrastructures, leading research groups, hospitals, and supercomputing centres. EU-OPENSCREEN is involved in EOSC4Cancer to make information about cancer-related projects accessible in a shielded environment. This may involve screening data for cancer targets, small molecules, or repurposing of drugs. Central to our vision is the ambition to help improve human health, and the quality of life for all people.

EOSC4Cancer’s five use cases will cover the patient journey from cancer prevention over diagnosis to treatment, laying the foundation of data trajectories and workflows for future European Cancer Mission projects. In the future, the EOSC4Cancer project will be linked to the EU-funded project CanSERV; in which EU-OPENSCREEN is actively involved in providing services to facilitate cancer research via our network of high-quality facilities and  resources.

More information about EOSC4Cancer is available here: