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EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC: Profile and Services

EU-OPENSCREEN is a not-for-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) for chemical biology and early drug discovery. EU-OPENSCREEN operates an open-access database and a central compound management facility which stores, quality-controls and manages the EU-OPENSCREEN compound collection.

We support scientists from academia and industry from countries inside and outside of the European Union, in the development of chemical tool compounds and early therapeutic candidate molecules.

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EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC: Benefit from adding your compound to our unique compound collection

As a chemist you are invited to include your proprietary compounds into the jointly used EU-OPENSCREEN compound collection, which is screened against a wide range of biological assays, thereby delivering extensive information about the biological activities of your compounds.

EU-OPENSCREEN bioprofiles your submitted compounds in a set of standard assays to identify basic biological activities (e.g. cell morphology and growth). Thus, you will rapidly receive data on the biological activities of your submitted compounds. In addition, you will continuously receive screening data.

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EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC: Services for biological applications

We support scienties by screening large collections of compounds with dedicated bioassays to develop promising chemical probes and lead compounds for novel drugs.

Your assay will be screened against the whole European Chemical Biology Library (ECBL) in one of our 17 screening facilities across Europe and the data will be made available to the broader scientific community through our open access European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD).

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EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC: Inauguration and Introduction - 09-2018

In a festive ceremony Jean Eric Paquet, Director General of DG Research and Innovation presented the ERIC certificate on behalf of the European Commission to Georg Schütte, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Dr. Wolfgang Fecke, Director General of EU-OPENSCREEN.

From now on, the participating institutes, including four from Germany, will cooperate within a legal framework that eliminates regulatory barriers and simplifies access to shared resources.

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Work with the European Research Infrastructures

Introduction Video - Engage with European Life Science Research Infrastructures

One of the long-term sustainability results is the newly developed European Life Science Research Infrastructures website, which highlights access and open calls from all LS-RIs for external researchers and the history of CORBEL.

To get a better idea on how to work with European Research Infrastructures, please watch our introductory video.

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Accelerate your SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research with European Life Science Research Infrastructures

Now, more than ever, biomedical research needs to be done with speed, efficiency, and high-quality standards in order to help patients effectively fight diseases like COVID-19. But too often, researchers find themselves without enough time, resources, access to facilities, or knowledge of recommended standards to successfully complete their research. That’s exactly where European Life Science Research Infrastructures can help. The LS RIs provide access to high-end facilities and services for biological and medical research – from human samples to mouse models, imaging technologies to chemical screening and data analysis. Plus, we can advise on ethical, legal and societal issues in biomedical research. This video presents how 9 of the European Life Science Research Infrastructures can be used to advance research on coronavirus and other diseases.

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The production of explanation videos receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824063.